Cosmic Conflict - The Origin of EvilCosmic Conflict - The Origin of Evil


The origin of evil is a profound, universal theme. Where did evil come from? Why has God allowed suffering to go on? Will sin and evil ever be eradicated—and, if so, how?

These mysteries are addressed in this informative and inspirational documentary.

Asking questions is how we learn best, and for many “why?” is a sincere inquiry coming from honest seekers of truth. To be sure, there is much good and beauty in the world, yet many people have seen the stunning evil pervading the planet and naturally question the existence of God. Children are kidnapped and murdered. Millions are exterminated in a Holocaust. Not to mention the daily lies, the theft, the rape, and the violence against the innocent. If God really is loving and all-powerful, why would He allow these terrible things to happen?

The good news is that all these “whys” do have a logical answer that will satisfy your search for meaning and truth. During Cosmic Conflict, you’ll also discover that the question of “why?” ultimately boils down to “Who is God?” What is He really like? What does He want for the world and for you personally?

Finally, you will recognize that God has implanted within you this question of “why?” He wants you to know that things aren’t supposed to be this way. God’s original plan for humanity was “very good.” Something has gone horribly wrong. By asking “why?” you are searching for a promised paradise that we have yet to experience.

Pastor Doug BatchelorThis documentary pulls aside the spiritual veil and reveals everything you need to know about what happened to paradise and how we are going to find it again. It is going to inspire you and give you hope.

Pastor Doug Batchelor
Host of Cosmic Conflict
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